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We transform raw data into actionable insights.


To simplify and refine the decision making process for businesses.


  • Data Mining Services
  • Enterprise Data Management
  • Data visualization Services

What We Do

We support the entire data management cycle in our clients’ business from collection to dissemination. By integrating data patterns with the latest technology, we are able to understand our client’s customer needs and provide them with recommendations for short and long term business improvements.

Understand Your Customers Better

Your market data will let you understand your customer’s habits and help you provide them with the products and services they want.

Improved Decision Making

Consumer patterns can be measured and tracked to provide insights on a marketing approach that works best for your customers.

Cut Business Costs

Understanding your key market will ensure your time and resources are spent targeting the right customer types looking to use your products and services.

Case Studies

Electricity Token Project

Data was aggregated from a client’s database, and we were able to analyse the behavioural patterns of purchase of electricity tokens to optimise a vendor’s business

Electricity Tokens

Census 2019

Data was collated from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics and analysed to find out the top 10 most populous counties in the recent 2019 census in Kenya.

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Let us help you leverage your organization’s data to help you make better decisions and cut down on time and operation costs. You can reach us at:

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